“All our efforts, whether they are sustainability, to feed the hungry, to bring clean water – in our own little way, we want to create a little heaven right here on earth; to leave a legacy of that heaven for the generations to come, so they keep on living the dream of creating the little heaven in their time, for their time ahead.”
                                                                Prem Rawat, at London WAF Awards Ceremony 2014

The 2016 Water Air Food Awards finalists and winners

We received 175 applications in water, air and food security, from 5 continents. The WAFA independent committee of sustainability experts has chosen the top 9 finalists. Your votes have decided the 3 winners of the WAF Awards 2016.
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The Water Air Food Awards. Our mission is to acknowledge and promote individuals and organisations all over the world that implement sustainable projects to secure water, clean air and food, and empower local communities.

Our global mission is supported by inspiring patrons and ambassadors.

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The WAF Awards ceremony is a yearly celebration of exceptional pioneers and their life changing solutions to global problems. It is our honor to present them to the world in a magnificent event.

The 2015 WAF Awards Ceremony was hosted by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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The 4th WAF Awards Event is about sharing solutions that are proven to work, and can be scaled to solve global problems and secure clean water, air and food for all.

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Congratulations to The Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation, Tellspec, and Nishant Bioenergy, the 2016 WAF Awards winners! 126,980 votes have been cast on the 9 WAF Awards finalists, and we are proud to present the top 3 projects you chose to globally celebrate this year. Help us celebrate the winners and their sustainable solutions at the WAF Awards Ceremony!


The call for applications to the 2016 WAF Awards is now closed. Following the campaign, we have received 172 applications from Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania — the highest number of applications since the launch of the WAF Awards in 2008. Thank you to all the applicants from around the globe — the competition for the best sustainable initiative begins now!


WAFA’s role models of sustainability are its patrons and the continuous work they do for making this world a better place. Since 2006, The Prem Rawat Foundation serves 100,000 hot meals to children and ailing adults in India, Nepal and Ghana, through its Food for People Program (FPP).


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