2015 “the World’s Most Important Year”

Will 2015 be different?

The Copenhagen World’s Best News thinks so!

To paraphrase its special January 15 edition:

“2015 is appointed to be nothing less than the world’s most important year. The planet’s heads of state have two crucial meetings in the calendar: In September, world leaders decide on a to-do list for the next generation in the form of new World goals for all countries. It may be the meeting where we decide to abolish poverty forever.
According to accepted data projections from the World Bank among others, it can actually be done. And this December is the planet’s future negotiation in Paris to COP21, which may be the climate summit, where the world finally agreed to stop climate change.”

The special edition includes some surprising statistics. Things are getting better! Since 1990:
  • Half the world’s extreme poor have risen out of poverty.
  • 2.3 billion people have gained access to clean drinking water.
  • 90 % of children in developing countries start school, boys and girls in equal numbers.
  • AIDS and malaria have diminished.
This good news is peppered with fascinating infographics and ways individuals can influence the upcoming summits. With so much at stake, over 400 development and environmental organizations have also come together in an Action/2015 coalition to input into these far-reaching decisions.
WBN is now global, publishing in Iceland, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, and other locations.
Things are already happening, people are taking action!
La Carta di Milano: An unprecedented effort to feed the planet ~ energy for life
EXPO 2015 brings together 145 countries, as well as representatives of governments, international organizations, private companies, and investors to take action on “Feeding the Planet”. The Charter of Milan will emerge from this bold enterprise. The first meeting took place last Saturday, read more about it here.

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