A Testimonial from the Former CEO of Bayer A/S and WAF Sponsor, Ernst von Franck

The idea behind the WAF Award is a perfect example of supporting people in their quest for sufficient and healthy water and food.
By supporting initiatives and technologies that help people help themselves, the WAF Award is supporting the business case for their respective initiatives. By doing so, the WAF Award goes far beyond simple charity. It supports initiatives which are sustainable on their own.

Scandinavia is famous for awarding outstanding achievements in science, literature and peace on earth through respective Nobel prizes, the WAF Award has the potential to add a powerful tool for awarding outstanding achievements in the area of Humanity by helping millions of people to imporve their livelihoods – in terms of access to sufficient and healthy water and food.
I trust that Scandinavian/Danish persons can be found, who share the vision of the WAF Award and who can support it by providing the resources needed for making such a vision reality.
Ernst von Franckformer CEO of Bayer A/S

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