Management Advisory Board

Birgitte Mogensen

Birgitte is one of the most experienced CSR leaders in Denmark and owner of focusing at board level work and CSR at top-level management.

She is a state-authorised public accountant and has worked for 20+ years with especially business related CSR – aligned to change management, risk management, transparency and the interaction between business & CSR strategies.

She is also chairman of the Danish Institute of Chartered Accountants’ CSR Committee and member of the Danish Council on Corporate Social Responsibility appointed by the Danish Minister of Business and Growth for the purpose of supporting and contributing to Danish companies’ work on CSR.

Jakob Lamm Zeuthen

Jakob Zeuthen is expert in environmental legislation and business counseling within sustainability, environmental management and green communication and marketing. Jakob has worked for more 15 years with business counseling and with governmental policy affairs in Denmark and EU. Jakob has a Ph.D in manmade climate change to ecological ecosystems and worked for other NGO such as Greenpeace in his young days.


Jakob has several trusted positions such as Chair for Environmental Committee in the European retail organization Eurocommerce in Brussels, Co-chair for “Forum for sustainable procurement” an initiative governed by the Danish Environmental ministry, board member in several partnerships initiated by the Danish Environmental ministry and as member of the national council for the eco-labels The Nordic Swan and EU Flower. Jakob is General director for the Danish association called “Kemi & Life Science” producing and distributing chemicals to the Danish Marked and managing counselor for environmental committees in Danish Chamber of Commerce and the trade association IT-Branchen.