AWARD Finalists 2015

The 2015 Awards show in Kuala Lumpur was a splendid event. Tina Lindgreen kicked off with comment of appreciation to all the applicants in 2015.


“It has been such a privilege to receive all the award applications and while the media was writing about all the terrible news in the world, I have had the privilege of reading one award application after another of those amazing people — those amazing things that are happening around the world, that sometimes we hear so little about, and that is really why we have the award.”


That statement sums up the quantity and quality of talent from this year’s pool of applicants. All of them had great initiatives, and they are doing such great work around the globe. It was a difficult decision for our selection committee to make. They were able to narrow it down to three finalists, but were not able to pick just one. This year there is a winning three-way tie with ENPHO, SOIL and Turenscape.

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Finalists come from countries where drinking water pollution is a serious concern: Nepal, Haiti and China. The high incidence of waterborne diseases in children, like diarrhoea, is a sad common fact in all three countries.

ENPHO – brings water filters to rural and remote places in Nepal in a sustainable way, helping to develop local businesses that manufacture and sell low-tech biosand water filters for home users.

Turenscape: Slow Down – brought a dead river back to life, giving hope that the increase in industrial pollution of lakes and rivers in China can be reversed. China not only faces water-quality issues, but also severe water shortages, especially in the North where water demand greatly exceeds supply.

SOIL – makes available a sanitary solution that prevents human waste from entering the water cycle, thus avoiding groundwater pollution.

ENPHO: Strengthening innovative biosand filter (BSF) local entrepreneurship model in providing safe drinking water in Nepal


ENPHO develops community-based sustainable health strategies: safe water, sustainable sanitation, solid waste management, hygienic behaviour, indoor air quality, and environmental monitoring.

Want to know more? visit ENPHO website

TURENSCAPE: Slow Down – Liupanshui Minghu Wetland Park


Turenscape has initiated Slow Down at Liupanshui Minghu Wetland Park. Slowing hillside runoff, the project has created a water-based ecological infrastructure to retain and to remediate storm water. As a result, water becomes the active agent in regenerating a healthy ecosystem needed to transform an industrial city into a livable human habitat.

Want to know more? Visit Turenscape website

SOIL Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods


SOIL focuses on promoting ecological sanitation (EcoSan): converting human waste into valuable compost. EcoSan meets the dual challenge of providing sanitation to people without access to toilets and producing a constant supply of rich, organic compost for agriculture and reforestation.

Want to know more? Visit SOIL website