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2018 Award Updates

To Celebrate Hope

We rise to celebrate the brilliance of social innovators who have put their hearts and souls into finding a way to solve worldwide crises of barren lands, food shortages, lack of potable water, and other unhealthy situations. They should have a hand up, solid support, a strong platform to work from just as they provide for the people they help.

We hold the WAFA Awards Ceremony, an exciting gala which includes exceptional local entertainment provided by the country hosting the awards and presentations from dignitaries and speakers around the world. In this celebratory context we award the WAFA trophy the best-in-class environmental social innovator in food, air and water – who is chosen from our hand-selected finalists.

The WAFA 2018 Awards will be celebrated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 24 October 2018

UBM Asia

The ceremony will be held during Kind Malaysia Expo, a pilot initiative by UBM Asia on 24 & 25 October 2018.    

With “Giving Back” as the central theme, this expo is geared towards bringing together humanitarian organizations in Malaysia, enabling them to highlight their impact on people’s’ lives, and to enable the public , corporations and government agencies to engage with them and their initiatives.

Kind Malaysia Expo -24 & 25 October 2018
Venue : Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Mitec)

Keep posted for further updates.

The WAFA Award Statute

WAFA Trophy

The Amphora symbolizes safekeeping of riches and prosperity, such as a barrel of salt, grain or liquid.

The Award is created in precious materials – bronze etc.  and is 25 centimeters tall.  It is created with extreme precision and is of high craftsmanship  quality.   It  is modern – and ancient, at the same time.   It is democratic because it can be communicated to people of different cultural backgrounds and also to people who are illiterate, as in their lifestyle, or tradition, the pitcher can be understood.

It was designed by  Sculptor Mogens Møller, one of Denmark’s most acknowledged sculptors.   Among his many artworks, he did the imprint on the Danish 10 and 20 crowns by order from the Queen and the vases on Axeltorv across from Tivoli.