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2018 Award Updates

Celebrating Achievement!

This year’s winners come from around the globe:

  • Water: Mazhapolima. India
  • Air: FUPROSOMUNIC, Nicaragua
  • Food: The Fish Farm Project, Nigeria
  • Youth: Ebomvini Primary School, South Africa

Award presentations have occurred in Kerala, India and are planned in Nicaragua, Nigeria and South Africa.  

Stay tuned for further details, lots to share!

The WAFA Award Trophy

For Our Winners

The WAFA Amphora is the work of Mogens Møller, the noted Danish sculptor. His creations include Danish currency designs and the Axeltorv vases at Tivoli.

The amphora has timeless significance. Its classic trophy form is a universal symbol of outstanding achievement. At the same time, its fundamental purpose is to safeguard vital food and drink.