Bring Them to the World – the Journey to the 2016 WAF Awards Continues. . . .

The call for applications to the 2016 WAF Awards is now closed. Thank you to all the applicants from around the globe — the competition for the best sustainable initiative continues!

On April 22, we celebrated Earth Day by launching the call for applications to the 4th edition of ‘awards in excellence’ for water, air and food security. Through our global “Bring Them to the World” campaign, we invited everyone to join in and nominate projects that secure these basic needs for all.

empowermentThe goal was to identify sustainable solutions and success stories from all over the world, particularly in remote areas — following the idea that innovation can be anywhere, and sustainable local initiatives can be replicated to solve big problems. We invited individuals and organisations who are developing projects with a proven track of success to apply and bring forward their sustainable water, air or food innovative solutions.

Following the campaign, we have received 172 applications from Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania — the highest number of applications since the launch of the WAF Awards in 2008. Most applications feature water and food solutions, but we are pleased to have received initiatives in clean air security: a new category introduced this year. A significant number of projects come from countries in Africa and Asia, highlighting outstanding efforts to help communities in some of the areas most affected by hunger or lack of access to clean water or air.


WAFA Selection Committee of sustainability has chosen a shortlist of 9 certified projectsWe have featured their stories on our blog and social media in a global voting campaign to raise awareness about the impact their are making in their communities.

The voting campaign ended on October 9, and the 3 most popular projects have been declared WAF Awards 2016 winners. The projects, run by The KJB Foundation, Tellspec, and Nishant Bioenergy will be celebrated at the WAF Awards Ceremony taking place at the end of this year in Beijing, China.