WAFA’s Call to Action: Nominate Exceptional Pioneers to the 2016 WAF Awards

On Earth Day April 22, WAFA launched a call to action for people around the globe to nominate candidates to the 2016 Water Air Food Awards. Launched on social media with the hashtag #bringthemtotheworld, the campaign invites people to discover and nominate pioneers who make sustainable goals a reality every day.

Global change starts locally, and leaders in water, air and food security can come from anywhere. They are often in remote locations, unknown to the world, and do not fit the mainstream media frame of leadership and empowerment. Together, we can find these exceptional individuals who run sustainable projects that secure the basic needs to most vulnerable communities. We can bring them to the world, so their solutions can change the lives of many.

 “There is a need to spread the good solutions for water, air, and food security, and there is a need to convey a message of hope. They have an innovation, they are doing important work, and have solutions for a much more sustainable way of living, and it is very important that they share their knowledge with other people around the world”, says WAFA founder Tina Lindgreen.

WAFA invites applications from individuals or organisations running sustainable projects anywhere in the world with proven result for at least 2 years. Anyone can nominate exceptional pioneers in the areas of water, air and food security by following the link on the website: wafaward.org/call-to-action. The deadline for applying or nominating candidates is June 12.

The campaign can be followed on the WAFA website and social media channels. Applicants to the WAF Awards will get exposure and the possibility to connect to opportunities that help scale their initiatives.

 Tina Lindgreen: “We are inviting everyone to nominate their favourite project. Sharing sustainable solutions is something everyone can benefit from, learning from good practices and be inspired. It’s going to give people hope”.