Brave the Elements:

Celebrating the Silent Heroes Among Us

Silent Heroes – Trailer of up-coming documentary about WAF Awards winners, credit NG Media


Overcoming famine, securing clean water, and improving air quality are some of the major challenges facing humanity. WAF Awards acknowledges the hard work and braveness of those who brave the elements daily to cover basic human needs for all.

This year, help us seek and celebrate the Silent Heroes: those who overcome challenges and carry out extensive work to secure food, clean air, and water for vulnerable communities around the world.

We want to acknowledge and reward pioneering projects in Water, Air and/or Food security with at least 2 years of proven results. We want to give recognition to the silent heroes who brave the elements daily to make life better for others. It is their examples we should follow – and they should receive the encouragement and support to continue their fundamental and outstanding work.

Are you one of the Silent Heroes? Do you know someone who is? Then, it is time to speak up – the world needs to learn from you! Between April 22 and September 30 2017, apply or nominate a project for the 2017 Water Air Food Awards. 

Apply to the WAF Awards 

At WAF Awards, we believe that clean water, air and food are undeniable human rights and among the most critical world problems. We believe that by acknowledging and rewarding people committed to developing solutions in these crucial areas, we can spread a message of HOPE globally. We want to reward those Silent Heroes with the WAF Awards, and give them a voice by offering a platform to showcase their initiatives, so they can get support and continue striving for excellent results. 

The call for applicants in 2017 is closed.  More information will be forthcoming about the progress of our esteemed panel of judges and their preliminary selections.

What can you do?

Help us finding all silent heroes who are carrying out an exceptional practices within water, air and/or food. Follow and share our campaign on social media and let’s celebrate those silent heroes who don’t expect recognition – but fully deserve it! You have the power to give a voice to the silent heroes!

Seek out the silent heroes and encourage them to apply to #wafawards: we want to acknowldege people and their solutions, and give them the encouragement to continue their amazing work. If you know such projects, encourage them to apply to the WAF Awards, or let us know at – we will get in touch with them. 

Learn from the #silentheroes: take to our social media channels and nominate the water, air and food projects that should be an inspiration to the world, and tell us why.

Cheer those who #bravetheelements: Celebrate the fantastic work in water, clean air and food by sharing their stories further across social media channels, and encouraging them to continue their wonderful work!