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Birgitte Mogensen

Connie Hedegaard

EU Commissioner for Climate Action
Minister of Climate and Energy, Commune. of Denmark

Connie Hedegaard

Dear Tina Lindgreen,
As banister of Climate and Energy, every day I am reminded M. we are faced with huge challenges, which will be considerably worsen. in Me years to come due to climate changes. Water and food for people in need are bast prerequisites and crucial for enabling Mese people to take care of their future. lb to and spread useful knowledge, good emerlence and concrete projects that prove that they work to other parts of the world, is central to our efforts toward a lasting and global Improvement of the situation. Collaboration ak knowledge exchange between governments, nonJprofit organizations, business life and others Is necessary to ensure this. Therefore I am happy to s. that Water and Food Award works for furthering Corporate Social Responsibility, and the co llo.ration between business life and nonprofit organizations. With kind regards.


The United Nations Global Compact

A call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human
rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

WAFA’s Engagement with the Compact

The Goals of WGDO are:

  •  To accelerate the development of the concept “Green Design” on a global scale,
  • To contribute to a major shift in production, distribution and consumption,
  • To improve energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions,
  • To contribute to the fight against climate change,
  • To create a communication platform focused on ecological and environmental issues,
  • To promote communication and cooperation on environmental issues globally,
  • To support activities in favor of an environmental shift in economy, trade and investment.