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The WAF Awards Ceremony is a yearly celebration of exceptional pioneers in water, air and food security. It is our honour to present them with the WAFA trophy and show them to the world in a magnificent event.

WAF Awards Ceremonies

In 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hosted the third edition of WAF Awards. Featuring vibrant local entertainment and motivating talks from WAFA patrons, the event celebrated a 3-way tie of winners from Nepal, Haiti and China. More than 500 people from non-governmental organisations, charities, environmental groups, government departments, academics, students and volunteers attended the events. Eminent personalities from the Institute of Strategic and International Studies, a public policy think-tank in Malaysia, the University of Nottingham Malaysia, CEOs and scientists worked together to explore and advise the finalists on how their innovations could be scaled and replicated in other countries.

In 2014, the second WAF Awards ceremony was held at the Central Hall, Westminster in London. The event featured masterclasses in sustainability from international leaders and musical performances of young inspiring artists. This was also the year a new award category was introduced: the WAFA Youth Award, founded by 11-year old environmental activist Ayrton Cable.

The first edition of the WAF Awards was held in Copenhagen in 2010. The winner was Permaculture Research Institute working to green a desert in Jordan.