Fundraising Event at the Residence of Italian Ambassador

The Residence of His Excellency, Stefano Queirolo Palmas , Ambasador of Italy in Copenhagen, was enlightened on September 3rd by people gathering to enjoy and discuss the water and food security. The event has been arranged by the collaboration of the Humanitarian Water and Food Award (WAF) & His Excellency, Stefano Queirolo Palmas, Ambassador of Italy, including appreciated help of a variety of sponsors. It attracted a mix of groups, consisting of well-known participants, organizations, NGOs & other parties and individuals interested in sharing ideas in creating a better access to water & food.

Around 60 of participants were welcomed by a glass of wine sponsored by Berlucchi Franciacorta & a sweet bite of Ferrero Rocher, following with entertainment by David Dunbar Trio Jazz recital.

The event was highly related to EXPO Milan theme “ Feeding the Planet, Energy of Life” representing Milan charter, a drafting of Italian government on sustainable use of the planet´s resources, where His Excellency, Stefano Queirolo Palmas welcomed the public by explaining the importance and support towards the topic. The sustainability topic was prolonged by Tina Lindgreen, founder of The Humanitarian Water and Food Award, encouraging participants to challenge themselves and collaborate within water and food problems by giving a presentation of 2015 WAF Award and its 3 finalists: SOIL, ENPHO and Turenscape.

“What better way to spread awareness & enable development of partnerships, than gathering people from different organization and bring them together to learn, share and network on the matter of global water and food security.” Henriette Gammelholm , WAF Organizer of event.



Italian buffet & wine tasting by II Senso Wine Bar rounded up the event with a delighted exposition of Ferrari. With the motivation from people concerned about water and food issues, interacting with each other and seeking to find future ideas and solutions, combining fun & business at the same matter, it was truly a day to remember.

The Humanitarian Water and Food Award Event (WAF) would like to say a Big Thanks to His Excellency, Stefano Queirolo Palmas , Ambasador of Italy, for a friendly collaboration hosting the event. Thanks to sponsors, who made sure to keep the atmosphere entertained by various levels:

  • II Senso Wine Bar
  • Berlucchi Franciacorta
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • David Dunbar Trio

Huge thanks for WAF Event Manager, Henriette Gammelholm for taking the biggest initiative to arrange the event.


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