“Abundance” by Ida Glad

Danish Artist Ida Glad’s beautiful painting celebrates the 2015 WAF Award Finalists. Inspired by the children of Haiti, Nepal and China, it reflects the joy of being able to access clean water and nutritious food.

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“This mixed media painting is created with inks, acrylics, collage and digital editing. It seeks to remind us of our good fortune in receiving Mother Earth’s most basic gifts: clean water and an amazing variety of delicious food. If we respect her bounty, she can continue to provide for us.

Abundance and humanity are the key concepts that inspire the painting. I painted children, for most of them are in touch with their humanity and have a unique way of admiring the natural magic all around us.”


About Ida Glad:

I am a visual artist and new entrepreneur, living in the Danish countryside with my daughter. I am very honoured to create this work for the WAF Award. It is a unique opportunity to support the amazing work of the WAF Award Finalists. I also see it as an avenue to combine some of my greatest passions: art, creativity, natural balance, and sustainability, as well as the challenges of providing clean water and healthy clean food for everyone.

For see more please visit her official web page http://www.idaglad.com/