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WAFA Leadership Team

With their resources, expertise  ….   support WAFA’s mission to promote solutions to global water, air and food security challenges.

Tina Lindgreen, MBA, Chair Person of the Board of Directors since 2008

Ms. Lindgreen is the Founder and President of Water Air Food Awards (WAFA).  She has worked for over 15 years as an executive coach and trainer to develop human resources and a supportive company culture. Her experience includes working with international corporations, the European Parliament, and TV2, where she helped to establish employee engagement, teamwork and strengthen customer relations. She has also volunteered as trainer and to project manage international humanitarian events in Europe, Asia, South Pacific and USA.

Dr. Sneha Singh,  Chief Corporate Relations Officer since February 2017

“Working for WAFA makes me feel satisfied and also so very honored to work with so much inspiring people together.  I truly believe that the global accessibility to clean water, air and food is essential to pursue health worldwide.”

Passionate and enthusiastic CSR/sustainability professional with years of experience in corporate relationship building, fundraising and volunteer engagement. Initiated programs that helped educated kids in urban slums.

“Driven by the love for humanity, inspired by my passion, I work with unwavering determination to succeed. I promote a culture of generosity and sustainability with clear expectations to improve our society and environment. My strong belief in inner peace and contentment keeps me humble, kind, and generous person who uses these principles in every walk of life. My experiences with global organizations helps me understand the recent trends in global philanthropy and inspiration that leads to individual or corporate giving”.

Sabine Pau, Operational Manager at WAFA since August 2018

“Working for WAFA makes me feel satisfied and also so very honored to work with so much inspiring people together. WAFA is supporting the hidden heroes, who are working so hard to ensure that everybody has access to uncontaminated water, air and food. I truly believe that the global accessibility to clean water, air and food is essential to pursue health worldwide.”

Sabine started her career at The Boston Consulting Group GmbH in Germany as Recruiting Coordinator where she was responsible for recruitment and talent management of  high potentials.

She transferred to Siemens AG in Germany as “Head of Recruiting Siemens Graduate Program” between 2011-2015 continued as „Global Project Manager and Program Manager” between 2015-2018. As a team lead she was responsible for the development and implementation of the recruiting strategy and the employer branding strategy for the SGP Germany. As a project manager, she has been responsible to drive implementation of key HR initiatives, one major being the successful roll out of the recruiting tool Avature in 15 SGP-countries.

Alper Almaz, Chief of Awards Officer since October 2018

Alper is currenty a PhD Candidate in Political Science and Sociology in the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the Scuola Normale Superiore. His research focuses on the political economy of agricultural biotechnology policies in emerging economies. Prior to this, Alper, as a fully sponsored student with ‘Jean Monnet Scholarship, completed his MA degree in European Politics at the University of Sussex. For his master’s dissertation, Alper elaborated the concept of environmental policy integration and applied it to the EU’s renewable and internal market energy policies. Before, he had earned his BSc in International Relations with ‘cum laude’ at the Middle East Technical University. His research areas include international political economy, food, energy and environmental politics in emerging economies.

Alper  worked as a research assistant at Yasar University, thematic staff member at International Istanbul Water Forum and hydropolitics specialist assistant at the Centre for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies. Besides, he volunteered for the Living Library Project and teaching different subjects for students in the socio-economically disadvantaged regions in Turkey.