WAFA’s mission is to acknowledge, certify and share sustainable water, air, and food solutions worldwide.

At WAF  Awards we believe that addressing the world’s most acute problems, like ending hunger, preserving clean air and bringing water to every human being, starts with acknowledging people who develop solutions that are proven to work.

We strive to identify exceptional pioneers in sustainability initiatives and share their stories across multiple platforms, aiming for global reach. We celebrate them in a magnificent Awards event at a different location each year, giving them the visibility they deserve to inspire change and gather support to scale and replicate their solutions.

WAFA’s goal is to become a mainstream platform that mobilizes the global public in the selection of Award winners. Together, we bring to light the good deeds in the world and spread a genuine message of hope.

We are Volunteers

We come to you from around the globe, many hearts and many hands engaged—united in one dream—to find the people who have dedicated themselves to creating a better world for the less fortunate: people who don’t have enough food to eat because their land is no longer fertile, or women and children who walk miles every day to carry buckets of clean water home, or those who live in unsanitary conditions causing continual illness in their families.

We join hands from countries all over the world to realize this dream: Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Canada, US, Ukraine, Romania, India, China, the United Kingdom and many more. Most of us have never met before.  Some of us speak one language; some of us speak many languages. We are people from all types of professions: facilitators, graphic designers, computer experts, human resource managers, teachers, writers. There are many differences between us; yet, we all share a common ground: we believe that if we push forward, we can create something meaningful and beautiful to share with the world. We are all volunteers.

With a Global Mission

WAFA is about telling stories to the world and sharing the good deeds done by wonderful people in the fields of water, air and food. Our mission is to create a message of hope – to create a counterbalance to all the negativity in the world. This concept was developed in 2006 by Tina Lindgreen, a Danish leadership coach.  By 2008, WAF – “The Humanitarian Water and Food Award” was live. The first major awards ceremony was presented in Copenhagen in 2010. Since then, WAFA has had shows in London – 2014, and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2015, where WAFA announced it’s expansion to include Air, becoming “Water Air Food Awards”.

WAFA’s long-term goal is to continue expansion to include all countries across the globe, and to share with the world these impressive projects people are developing to change so many lives.

To Celebrate Hope

We rise to celebrate the brilliance of social innovators who have put their hearts and souls into finding a way to solve worldwide crises of barren lands, food shortages, lack of potable water, and other unhealthy situations. They should have a hand up, solid support, a strong platform to work from just as they provide for the people they help.

Every year we hold the WAF Awards Ceremony, an exciting gala which includes exceptional local entertainment provided by the country hosting the awards and presentations from dignitaries and speakers around the world. In this celebratory context we award the WAFA trophy the best-in-class environmental social innovator in food, air and water – who is chosen from our hand-selected finalists.

We recognize these exceptional pioneers in celebration and spread the word of the good deeds they are doing every day. We honour our partnerssponsorspatrons, and individual donors who share our vision, who want to see the ideas develop into tangible results, and who join hands with all of us working around the world to continue the momentum of positive change.

We are WAFA—the Humanitarian Water Air Food Awards.

Award Criteria

Social and Environmental Impact

Sustainable Development Goals

#2 Zero Hunger
#6 Clean water and sanitization
#15 Life on Land

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Our Values

Respect for Human Rights
Team Work
Passion for Life