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Our Mission

Our Vision

To be a globally  recognized sustainability award platform

Our Mission

To take exceptional sustainability pioneers global


[soon inserting paragraph on the calamity causing WAFA to exist]


WAFA’s strives to become a global mainstream awards platform that enables exceptional sustainability entrepreneurs to scale and replicate their solutions worldwide, to benefit mankind now!


By engaging global public, business communities, universities, impact investors and philanthropists in giving exposure and support, we will create a sustainability movement.


By bringing their low-tech high impact solutions to the attention of the global public and professionals, the entrepreneurs will attract support.


In this way we will contribute to creating awareness of the change we need to make to restore people and planet, on the massive scale needed.

To achieve this, we are building a solid platform through:

  • An even more resilient international team of qualified professionals and volunteers;

  • A global legal identity;

  • A solid financial base from donations, grants, public & private partnerships.

Through this platform we:

  • Design new compelling Award categories aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular #1 No Poverty, #2 Zero Hunger, #6 Clean Water and Sanitization), #7 Affordable and Clean Energy, #12 Responsible Consumption and Production, #13 Climate Action, #15 Life on Land);

  • Develop regional affiliates to identify local award candidates and partners;

  • Develop partnerships with corporations, government agencies, research institutions, impact investors and philanthropists.

We then proceed to:

  • Find “silent heroes” in all corners of the world including the most remote areas;

  • Improve our certification and evaluation process by applying our leanings;

  • Involve a greater portion of the global public in selecting the Award winners;

  • Raise the ‘silent heroes’ global profiles through international Award galas, regional events, celebrity endorsements, global media coverage, and a multifaceted online presence.

  • Facilitate ‘silent heroes’ global impact through WAFA Incubation & Innovation Centres (WIICs), support from governments and foundations, impact investment, and CSR partnerships.