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Oversight Board

With their resources, expertise and high profile, members of the Oversight Board support WAFA’s mission to promote solutions to global water, air and food security challenges.

Zama-Zulu Shange

Tina Lindgreen, MBA

MBA (in part), BHSAI, NLP Master

Chair Person of the Board of Directors, Ms. Lindgreen is the Founder and President of Water Air Food Awards (WAFA).  She has worked for over 15 years as an executive coach and trainer to develop human resources and a supportive company culture. Her experience includes working with international corporations, the European Parliament, and TV2, where she helped to establish employee engagement, teamwork and strengthen customer relations. She has also volunteered as trainer and to project manage international humanitarian events in Europe, Asia, South Pacific and USA.

Zama-Zulu Shange

Hans Peter Hansen

Education at Danish Technical University and Copenhagen Business School

Mr. Hansen has spent his professional career in construction and development. Parallel to this has been his involvement in sustainable energy solutions: biogas, wind, and self-lighting. Since retirement, Mr. has volunteered in TPRF and other international humanitarian organizations. His focus has been on implementing a team work culture.

Reinhard Wagner

Silvia Giulia Ficini

M.D., M.A. (Hospital Management)

An expert in global health and international cooperation, Dr. Ficini has professional experience in humanitarian health projects in Italy, the Mediterranean, and other areas. She is currently coordinating the unit of hyperbaric medicine unit in Florence, Italy. Recently she has also volunteered to provide support and medical coordination with immigrant arrivals in Italy.

Reinhard Wagner

Mr. Gareth Garvey

BA (Economics), CIPFA

A business consultant and Chartered Public Accountant (CIPFA), Mr. Garbey serves currently as CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark. He has worked across a range of industries including telecom operators,  telecom equipment manufacturing, air transport, media, gaming, defense, utilities and the public sector.

His assignments have focused on improving business performance through innovative strategies, business models, processes and technology.