Crowdfunding for WAF Awards 2016 – Bring them to the world!

WAFA 2015 Winners

We are moving to Global Giving!

A heartfelt thank you for supporting WAFA! People like you make it possible to recognize amazing sustainability pioneers, raise global awareness and bring a message of hope to thousands of people around the world.

Thanks to your generosity, we have so far received USD $8,700 through this crowdfunding project.  We are now moving the campaign to another platform: you can continue to donate to support a celebration for our 2016 winners on Global Giving!

In order to to sidestep logistical and financial challenges, the WAF Awards 2016 event in Beijing is postponed, and we are working to recreate the award celebrations. We will keep you up to date as details unfold.

4th WAF Awards event

Water, clean air and food should be undeniable human rights. The reality is drastically different: 21,000 people die of hunger every day; 783 million don't have access to clean water; and 5.5 million die from polluted air every year. Solutions to global problem are out there.

The 4th WAF Awards celebration is about sharing sustainable solutions that are proven to work and can be replicated and scaled to bring water, clean air and food to all. It is about celebrating people who make a difference and giving them visibility, so they can connect with sponsors, partners, decision makers – anyone who can support them to continue and expand their essential work and secure the basic needs for all.

What will your donations cover?

Bringing the winners to WAF Awards Ceremony

Your donations will cover the winners' travel and accommodation, and to get them on stage to receive prizes and share their stories.

Venue, logistics and production costs

Your donations will cover the venue fee, the costs associated with set-up and teardown of activities throughout the week, and the travel and accommodation of WAFA volunteers who manage the events.

Statuettes and money prizes to winners

We give our winners the WAF Awards trophy, as a symbol of gratitude and recognition of their outstanding efforts to make this world a better place for all. We also give them a monetary prize to take the first step in supporting them financially, so they can continue and expand their good work.

Event exhibition, global broadcast and documentary of the winner stories 

WAFA will organise a week-long public sustainability exhibition with audio, video and photo materials to present our winners and their water, air, and food solution. We will also produce a documentary following the event, and share it in the media for additional exposure.

Event promotion 

We want as many people to know about and follow the WAF Awards event, so that the sustainable solutions of our finalists can gain global visibility and impact. This implies promoting the event in local and international media, as well as on social media (paid advertising).

Expert speakers and performers to the WAF Awards event

WAFA has invited patrons, and sustainability experts to be guest speakers at the event. There will also be recognized entertainers at the event, making it a real celebration.

Youth Award winner ceremony

WAF Youth Awards ceremony will be part of the WAFA Awards event. The Youth Awards invites a whole generation of young people to be part of the solution to feeding everyone and giving everyone safe water, in a competition of sustainable projects developed in schools. 

Distribution of event costs per area (%)

Berget - percentage

Pledged of $82,500.00 Goal
Ended on
WAF Awards- event promotion and voting campaign: $10.00

Your donation will pay for onsite filming of the winner projects. Your donation is key to bringing visibility to the WAF Awards 2016 winners.

Limit: 19 of 800 Taken
Bring Finalists to WAF Awards Ceremony: $40.00
Your donation will cover the winners' flights and accommodation for the time of the event.
Limit: 3 of 300 Taken
Statuettes and money prizes to winners: $60.00
Your donation goes to the winners, covering the costs of the trophy, and the monetary prizes.
Limit: 5 of 200 Taken
Support event management, logistics and production costs: $20.00
Your donation will support event management, logistics and production costs, and staff travel and accommodation costs for volunteers.
Limit: 3 of 1500 Taken
Broadcast the winners stories and life changing solutions, globally: $5.00
Your donation will support streaming and broadcasting costs, and you will be able to watch the event on our website.
Limit: 4 of 1500 Taken
Bring expert speakers and performers to the WAF Awards event: $10.00
Your donations will support the guest speakers flights and accommodations, and entertainer's fees, if any. You will be able to follow the participants' speeches and watch the entertainment performances.
Limit: 1 of 800 Taken
Youth Award Winner Ceremony: $25.00
Your donation will pay for the winner's statuette and monetary prizes, flights and accommodations, as well as supporting staff costs.
Limit: 2 of 200 Taken
Donate as much as you want:
Your donation will support additional costs of the organisation of the awards Event.
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