WAF Awards News in Press Release Activities

A yearly highlight is to evaluate solutions of best practices in water and food security initiatives in the WAF Awards Ceremony.

As  the  gateway  to  the  region  and  an  important  biodiversity  hub, last  year we had the privilege of Malaysia hosting this prestigious event on 22nd October, 2015, which followed from a very successful 2014 awards show in London.


Interview with the Malaysian News Agency, Bernama Talks Shows

WAFA Founder, Tina Lindgreen - Interview with Bernama Talk Show

Interview with the Malaysian News Agency, Bernama Talk Show, where Tina Lindgreen, founder of WAF Award,  is talking about WAFA, her passion, environmental issues, sustainability and experience in Malaysia.

2015 WAFA Initiatives in New Straits Times

A centre-spread  news article in the New Straits Times, Malaysia’s oldest reputable English newspaper discusses 2015 WAFA Initiatives and WAF Award event.

2015 WAF Initiatives in New Straits Times1

2015 WAF Initiatives in New Straits Times2

Alternatives to slash-and-burn practice key to combat haze

The Sun Daily

PETALING JAYA: The haze is not insuperable, and definitely can be put a stop to, said the Humanitarian Water and Food Awards (WAF) founder and president Tina Lindgreen.

By finding an efficacious alternative to the slash-and-burn agricultural practice and presenting them to the companies concerned could resolve the problem which has left the region blanketed in smoke and prevent it from recurring.