SEANET excited about making it to the final five!

Dear WAF Award,

This is absolutely marvelous! It is the best piece of news that we at SEANET have received for a long time!

We however take this in stride cognizant of the fact that this achievement belongs to thousands of students, their teachers, their parents and others that have allowed us to head for the “Copenhagen heights”.

I have already taken this information to students in several schools. The news has been received with deafening applause and incredulity, that their humble effort could be recognized internationally.

We at SEANET are so excited to be associated with the esteemed Humanitarian Water And Food Award.

I therefore believe that this piece of news is just but the beginning of more recognition of our humble endeavor, as we inch slowly in our onerous journey towards a better world  abundant with WATER AND FOOD!


Macheru Karuku,
Executive Director/Founder, Seanet International

SEANET International have been selected as a finalist for the 2014 competition. For more information on their work see:


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