WAF Award 2015 by Ida Glad. Poster 45×60 cm or 30×40 cm


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Product Description

This painting is a reminder of the most basic gifts that our Mother Earth is giving to us: Clean water and amazing variations of delicious foods. It is also a reminder of our opportunity to accept and enjoy these gifts without taking them for granted, and to show our gratitude by paying back the respect that the Earth needs to be able to continue providing well for us.
My key words and inspiration for the painting was abundance and humanity. I painted the children because most children are in touch with their humanity, and they have a unique way of showing true admiration and appreciation for the magic existing in nature all around us.

About Ida Glad:

I am a visual artist and new-started entrepreneur, living in the country side in Denmark with my daughter. I was very honoured to do this work for WAF-award, as I saw this as an opportunity for me to combine some of my greatest passions: my interests in art, creativity, the balance in nature and the issues of sustainability and healthy and clean food for everyone. This was also a unique chance for me to help out and support the amazing work of the nominated candidates for the WAF Award.

For more information Please visit: http://www.idaglad.dk

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Poster size

45 x 60 cm, 30 x 40 cm


  1. Anna.welsing@ziggo.nl


    Hi, I bought the 30×40 sized poster earlier this year (September) and put it up in my office. Then I recently gifted it to a parting colleague who said she would certainly check out the Wafaward website later on. I love the picture, the composition, the colours, the freshness, the simple and clear content. It is both a pleasing work of art and contains a subtle message. Hope to see more of your artwork, Maria!

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