Spring has sprung, and all this new growth has been sprouting enthusiasm at WAFA headquarters.  All sorts of birth is happening . . . new volunteers have joined our group.  We now have Marina Kahle in research and applications, Eva Elise Kraus in research and applications, David Ram in human resources, Jannik Meier Sørensen in social media, Ancuta Gabriela Tarta in research and applications, and Camilla Warmedinger in journalism. Our team is great — so many brilliant people here who want nothing more to do than to bring good news to the world and share the positive side of environmental journalism in water, air, and food.

We are growing.  The excitement is building.  Our virtual offices are buzzing with all the brainstorming going on.  We are soon launching our new and improved Web site. And, of course, it is that time of year again!  WAFA is about to launch the Call for Applications for the spectacular 2016 Awards Event.

So get ready.  Start spreading the news that we are almost ready to hear from all those social entrepreneurs, groups, and people everywhere, who are making incredible changes for the less fortunate ones needing help with accessible clean water, breathable clean air, and nourishing good food.

Catch our excitement and stay tuned.  You’ll be the first to hear the call for open applications!