Lizzie Lush, Zimbabwe – participating in the 2014 WAF Awards Ceremony in London

Dear WAF Awards,

Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring information. I was fortunate enough last year to attend your awards in London and was both moved and impressed by the candidates and their projects.

I grew up in Africa – Zambia – and my father and mother helped re-establish Zimbabwe at independence by training local people to run their country in peace time. My father took on the building of a school – not his role really – and we have beautiful “thank yous” to them both, from people whose lives they helped to improve.

They both passed in 2013 and it touched my heart that the Zimbabwe project was the eventual 2014 winner – i don’t know how anyone could chose between the worthy and noble endeavours. The humility and joyfulness of all was an honour to behold.

Thank you so very much for your effort in these awards – seeking out worthwhile projects that are truly benefitting people and using the planet as i feel she is meant to be.

It is such a relief to hear genuinely good news – i vote for a tv channel that only shows this!
May I wish all the candidates and their glorious efforts the very best of luck, and thank my stars that i do not have to choose!

Please don’t ask us to vote in future – everyone deserves acclaim!

Thank you again for such a richly human approach.
very best wishes to all,