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Who we ARE



Sustainability is achieved when people are empowered to fulfill their human right to Water and Food and the awarded initiatives are creating positive impacts at the environmental, social and economic levels of a society.


New tools, methods and approaches are needed in order to solve the global Water and Food challenge. As an organisation, WAF is innovative based on its network-oriented approach and is the first to create a Water and Food Award.

Working as a team

We can create greater social impacts by joining our efforts, resources, knowledge and passion. WAF offers a platform for collaboration across boundaries for businesses, governments, institutions, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, individuals, artists and individuals.

Passion for life

Our vision for Water and Food as Human Rights is a response from the heart with a passion for life where Water and Food are seeds for life in peace. Volunteers, sponsors and other stakeholders who join WAF become part of our vision in their own free and unique way. All may explore and fulfill their own passion for life.


WAF is independent from political and religious movements.

We believe in three principles:

1) Respect for Water and Food as Human Rights

We commit to advocate for Water and Food as Human Rights. Water and Food are prerequisite for a healthy, productive and dignified life and therefore should be accessible for every human being.

2) Contributing to sustainable development

We believe that the Water and Food challenge can be solved by innovative and sustainable solutions. As a result, we recognize, reward and empower initiatives that create and increase positive social impacts for needy communities.

3) Joint efforts through respective dialog

We believe that the Water and Food challenge can be solved by joint efforts between the business, citizen and the public sectors. WAF functions as a facilitator and capacity building partner between the various actors in order to empower awarded initiatives.