Tina Lindgreen

Founder and President

Tina Lindgreen is Founder and President of WAFA, an organization that was founded to recognize the exceptional innovators around the world and support them in providing clean water, air, and healthy food for their communities, and empower them. At WAFA, team members experience the power of diversity and being part of a team of professionals from East and Western Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America and Australia.

Tina is a trainer and coach for Executive Leaders with over fifteen years of corporate experience in developing human resource and unleashing people’s talent. Her experiences with large corporations include working with European Parliament and TV 2, where she contributed to establishing compliance, increasing employee and stakeholder engagements. As a compassionate professional, she used her skills to carve a culture that was people oriented and communities and employees felt engaged.


“My team and I are building a solid platform for a message of hope and solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

I have founded WAFA because I see that water, air and food for all is possible. It brings me joy and frees up my passion to work for the good.”

patrickPatrick Smith

Program Manager

Information technology architect for supply chain logistics and operations.  An accredited program and project manager, Patrick brings a wide range of business operation skills to WAFA..

“People involved in philanthropy services want to see what works and what’s successful.  Recognition inspires and inspiration propels.  WAFA’s important in a world of so much need and so much innovation”.

Sneha Singh


Dr. Sneha Singh is an Independent consultant with Water Air Food Awards (WAFA) where she facilitates collaborative partnerships with universities and impact investors. She is also the Founder & CEO of JS Impact, a specialized firm working on sustainability, CSR, impact investing, collaborative partnerships, community resilience and philanthropy.  Ms. Singh has over 10 years’ experience in helping corporations, universities, and nonprofits implement sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs.


“I support WAFA because I sincerely believe in the sayings of one of its founders, Prem Rawat, who believes that Peace and Sustainability go together. I volunteer to support WAFA because it is making a difference in the lives of our community by awarding innovations in sustainability in the area of clean water, fresh air, and food for all”.
Mail: snsi@wafaward.org

CarlosCarlos Saraiva

Applications & IT

A native of Portugal, Carlos’ background is in IT, largely in the energy sector. His experience ranges from multinationals to nonprofits.


“I love helping Water Air Food Award because I share WAFA’s vision – water, air, food and peace for all, not some time in the future, but in my lifetime”.

Mail: casa@wafaward.org

michael-sommerMichael Sommer

COO & Director of Funding

International leader and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in international transportation, trade and logistics.


“I found the concept of WAF Awards to be very compelling. The world needs new solutions and celebrating the pioneers that find solutions for those most in need is endeavor that needs doing, and well.
Hope and innovation are precious resources”.

Mail: mso@wafaward.org

VirginiaVirginia de Cabrera

Translation Manager

Professional Experience as a Spanish Interpreter, Translator, Voice-Over
since 1994



fabFabrizio Negossa

Graphic designer

An accomplished artist, hailing from Italy, Fabrizio managed a store for years where he sold his drawings. When the computer age dawned, new perspectives on art opened up. Now he’s also a graphic and Web designer, where he believes creativity is “my daily bread”.


“A more sustainable and peaceful world is something we all want. WAFA has an incredible potential. Collaborating with WAFA is a beautiful way to start creating a better world, and overall it makes me feel good”.

Mail: fane@wafaward.org

NikitaNikita Gavrilovs

Production & Broadcast

“I am Nikita Gavrilovs, born in Stavropol, Russia, in 1990. Since 2009, I’ve been living in Copenhagen, doing my studies and work.

I worked for several media companies, advertising agency, newspaper, magazine and on television.

Worked as cameraman on TED Talks (TEDxCopenhagen), educated as multimedia designer from Køge Business College, and got a bachelor degree in e-Concept development from KEA (Købebhavns Erhvervsakademi).


I joined WAFA, because of international team, inspiring vision and amazing and promising future”.

MariaMaria D’Andrea

Webgraphic & Webmaster

Maria was born in Italy where she studied law, communications, marketing and computer science, qualifying her as a Webgraphic and Webmaster. 

Her technical expertise is in IT and graphics, including Word Press and Photoshop, but also Premiere and InDesing and other graphics programs. She has experience in on-Web project management and website updating.

To years ago she moved in Denmark, she has started up her own IT company and servesed as graphics editor for an Italian-Danish magazine and other danish costumers. Now she want to improve this skills in a Danish company.


“WAFA’s purpose is praiseworthy; food, air and water are the basis of life. It is also really satisfying to do what I love, especially for a noble cause, and I am glad to be part of such a great team”.

Mail: mada@wafaward.org

RichardRichard Reive

English language editor
Canadian by birth, Richard is a Master of Political Science, holds a BA and teaching diploma in English, and certificates in translation and interpretation (English, French, Spanish). Some 40 years of professional experience include teaching, translating, interpreting and editing.


“Contributing to WAFA’s mission is a unique opportunity. I also appreciate working with a dynamic inter-generational team”.

Mail: rire@wafaward.org

DianeDiane Walters

Ms. Walters is working on a Master of Arts in creative writing and English at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). She previously owned a graphic design company, Articulated Excellence, and published the community newspaper. Currently, she works as a freelance writer for Southern New Hampshire University.


“Some things in life are more than coincidence. In 2014, I worked for SNHU’s website Be a Social Entrepreneur (now retired) through an internship. I loved writing about the special people in the world who could create so much good through creative thinking and innovative ideas in helping people survive and thrive. When I found WAFA, and these wonderful people working for the good of the planet, I immediately felt a universal connection had been made. I felt like I found home.”

AncutaAncuța Gabriela Tarța

Social Media Manager

Adopted by Denmark, Ancuta comes from the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania. She has a background in digital media and communication and a PhD from the University of Copenhagen. Her expertise is in social media research and digital project management, and she thrives on anything that allows her to be creative.


“WAFA embodies my view of the world:  humankind cannot move forward before ensuring that basic needs like water, food and clean air are there for everyone. There is so much talk about it, but people who actually make this happen every day are so little in the spotlight! These are the people we should expose and learn from.”
Mail: anta@wafaward.org

brianBrian Seger

Brian is originally from the United States and has a background is in chemistry, physics and engineering.  He is currently an assistant professor at the Technical University of Denmark with his research focus in the field of sustainable energy.
“WAFA is great concept because it exposes successful solution in regards to water, air and food.  These are three of our most basic needs, and there are many places where these needs are not adequately met.  I enjoy seeing people and projects working to solving these pressing issues.”.


arianaAriana Viana

Crowdfunding Manager
Property management background
specialising in Crowdfunding for nonprofit organisations.
“Joined WAFA because i am looking for better and sustainable solutions for all and WAFA gives me the opportunity to take part and witness great projects become alive and help others in need to gain access to the solutions available.”.

Mail: arvi@wafaward.org

nishanNishan Lamichhane

Nishan is a MSc graduate in Global Health and currently works in the area of public health research in Copenhagen.
“Mankind has achieved the unachievable when it comes to science and technology or food and medicines but at an immense cost of limited resources such as water and air. We have got to prevent it from getting worse and together with our small efforts and innovation we can change. WAFA is one of the many ways to do so by helping people and organisations get their good works and ideas recognised and spread.”.

Mail: nila@wafaward.org

martaMarta Volpi

Research Team Leader
Marta is a Marine Biologist with a PhD in Environmental Microbiology.
“I firmly believe that global accessibility to uncontaminated water, clean air and food is essential to pursue health and progress worldwide. Too often people take it for granted. It is important to realize that there are so many places around the world where these needs are not fulfilled, and where health and progress cannot be reached. WAFA reaches out and support people who are working to guarantee access to these resources, and it’s an honour for me to help with this mission”.

Mail: mavo@wafaward.org

pauPau Revilla Besora

“For me WAFA is a great opportunity to give recognition and visibility to different projects which aim at providing food, water and clean air to areas in need. Collaborating with an organization and people with such a goal is a highly rewarding experience. I believe we are contributing towards making the world a better place for everyone.”

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