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Equipo de WAFA

-El nacimiento de un movimiento global

El Equipo de WAFA dirige una red de miembros cada vez mayor, que trabajan juntos para crear nuestra plataforma global de concesión de
Somos un pequeño grupo de profesionales que trabajamos como voluntarios para convertir los premios WAFA en un movimiento de sostenibilidad global. Te invitamos a que te unas a nosotros para dar reconocimiento a las personas que dan fuerza a los pobres y olvidados en sus comunidades. Ellos son los héroes anónimos, los que luchan en silencio.
Muchos de nosotros tenemos acceso a agua limpia, aire limpio y alimentos nutritivos. Pero muchos otros no. Nuestro equipo está convencido de que una vida digna comienza por satisfacer estas necesidades básicas para todos.
Como seguramente ya lo habrás entendido, tenemos un claro objetivo y queremos compartir nuestra pasión con todos aquellos que deseen ayudar a hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor y más hermoso.

Tina Lindgreen

Fundadora y Presidenta

Patrick Smith

Administrador del Programa

Sneha Singh

Directora de WIIC

Virginia de Cabrera

Coordinadora de Traducción

Fabrizio Negossa

Diseñador Gráfico

Nikita Gavrilovs

Producción y Transmisiones

Maria D’Andrea

Webmaster y Webgráfica  

Richard Reive

Corrector del idioma inglés

Marta Volpi

Líder del Equipo de Investigación


“A more sustainable and peaceful world is something we all want. WAFA has an incredible potential. Collaborating with WAFA is a beautiful way to start creating a better world, and overall it makes me feel good”.

Fabrizio Negossa, Graphic Designer

“I believe that sustainable development should begin from the grass-root level by promoting indigenous technology and improving the efficiency of marginal people. WAFA’s mission, vision and goal has increased my belief and has given me the best opportunity to helping out those people who are working to bring a positive change in their society. Not only I get to learn about innovative ideas sprouting up all around the world through WAFA, I also get to work in harmony with people from diverse background. It is a great platform to be a part of, both for personal as well as societal development”.

Tuly Sarah Costa, Researcher and Application Evaluator

“I support WAFA because it makes me satisfied that through my actions I am making a difference in our society and environment. I am passionate about the circular economy that brings inclusive growth. WAFA promotes ciircular economy and has provided the global platform for the hidden social entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative solutions in water, air or food. WAFA has given a purpose to all that I was doing since I was a teenager. I feel fortunate that I work with the incredible team of WAFA and have an opportunity to learn everyday”.

Sneha Singh, Corporate Sponsorship Director

“People involved in philanthropy services want to see what works and what’s successful. Recognition inspires and inspiration propels. I think WAFA is a direct and important link to improving situations in the world”.

Patrick Smith, Program Manager

“Contributing to WAFA’s mission is a unique opportunity. I also appreciate working with a dynamic inter-generational team”.

Richard Reive, Editor

“WAFA’s purpose is praiseworthy; food, air and water are the basis of life. It is also really satisfying to do what I love, especially for a noble cause, and I am glad to be part of such a great team”.

Maria D’Andrea, IT Specialist

“I firmly believe that global accessibility to uncontaminated water, clean air and food is essential to pursue health and progress worldwide. Too often people take it for granted. It is important to realize that there are so many places around the world where these needs are not fulfilled, and where health and progress cannot be reached. WAFA reaches out and support people who are working to guarantee access to these resources, and it’s an honour for me to help with this mission”.

Marta Volpi, Research and Applications Manager

“WAFA gives me the opportunity to show gratitude for some of the things I otherwise take for granted in my everyday life, starting with some of the most basic resources I am so lucky to benefit from: clean air, water and food. It gives me the sense of contributing to a better world and it also gives me the opportunity to meet so many inspirational and kind people from all over the world”.

Anca Ichim, Financing and Accounting Assistant

“I come from a country where rules and regulations of environment protection are not enforced efficiently. Moreover, I can see that there are millions of people who are suffering from a lack of human basic needs.  Fortunately, there are also many people, who recognize this problem and create sustainable solutions through their innovative ideas to create a better world. Sadly, however, only a few of them are in the spotlight.   WAFA is an organization that spots the light on them, so they and their wonderful work are being recognized and hence, can continue further with supports from around the world. I really appreciate this, and I am more than happy to be part of such a wonderful organization and working with people who are devoting their time and resources for a good cause”.

Laksamol Utthasang , Finance & Accounting Assistant

“I am excited to use my skills to support solving important global problems. As a Thai, WAFA cause is close to my heart as many people in my country suffer from bad quality of water, lack of food and air pollution.”

Umparporn Piotrowski, Financial and Accounting Assistant

“It’s my strong believe that every human being has right for clean water, air and food. Working with WAFA gives me immense pleasure as WAFA strives to identify exceptional pioneers in sustainability initiative and creates hope to make a smiling world”.

Shweta Sinha , Finance Manager

“I love helping WAFA as I truly support the cause and understand the massive importance of food, water and air for all. And it is an honour for me to be a part of WAFA as WAFA recognises the main heroes who are working to ensure everybody has the access to water, air and food”.

Pooja Patnaik, Human Resources