WAF@EXPO, our calendar

Joined forces, WAF and Cloudburst Productions have produced a compelling program at EXPO 2015.
The lineup includes the Keys to Sustainability Symposium, World Music Fusion Spectacular, Investors Forum, and WAF Award ceremonies.

Participants will build on best practices and good will to create a shared knowledge base of proven solutions. Inspiring action on a planetary scale, the Cloudburst interactive platform will reach out around the globe, enabling people everywhere to contribute to the EXPO legacy.

Keys to Sustainability Symposium (May 24–26), feat. the Africa day

The Africa Day (May 25) focusses on Africa’s challenges, which also impact our planet. Experts, humanitarians, laureates and leaders, from Africa and beyond, will develop strategies to resolve them. After the symposium, guests will attend the World Music Fusion Spectacular, where WAF will announce Award finalists. Cloudburst will stream the event globally.

Concert at Monza Park (summer 2015)

To celebrate EXPO in the middle of summer, Regione Lombardia will sponsor an epic concert! Starring top Italian and international performers, the show will play to over 100,000 fans in the park and around the globe.

Investor Forums (June 22–24): Scale Solutions Now – Accessing Clean Water and Food

Breakthrough initiatives, impact investors, responsible businesses, researchers and students will explore solutions to global water and food challenges. The matter is urgent. Since the 1990s, two-thirds of the world’s grasslands have turned into desert, and small farmers continue to lose their lands and livelihoods.

But, WAF finalists show that doable solutions do exist and do work. To scale their successes, the Forums will develop partnerships: sharing business models, committing funds, and implementing action plans.  Finalist initiatives demonstrate potential for return on capital: financial, social, human and natural: worldwide. “It can be done.” ~ WAF Founder.

Award Ceremony (June 25)

The 2015 Award event will celebrate breakthrough initiatives in water and food security. Five finalists, all exceptional pioneers, have emerged from a worldwide field. The event will also showcase promising developments resulting from action plans generated in a previous Forum. At a green gala, world famous chefs will surprise diners with “Grow Local Eat Local” cuisine. International celebrities, including Alicia Keys and John Legend, have also agreed to perform. Follow-up activities will share best practices and facilitate partnerships. Cloudburst will stream the events worldwide.

Youth Award Ceremony (October 16)

The Youth Award will climax World Food Day and celebrate thousands of young people who have participated at Expo. The event will announce five finalists and overall winner. Award founder Ayrton Cable, twelve, will present the prizes.


Tina Lindgreen: Executive programme producer
Farhan Boota: Programme director and financial officer
Annika Küngas: Assistant programme producer
Anne Karina Brøndel Riise: Head of marketing
Kirk Laidlaw: Global reach manager
Amina Rai: Award applicants manager

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