WIIC Announcement

WAFA Incubation & Innovation Centre (WIIC)

Since 2008 WAFA has identified exceptional sustainability pioneers – “silent heroes” – from around the world. Their breakthrough solutions to water, air, and food challenges in their communities merit global attention and emulation. With this in mind, WAFA is encouraging universities to create campus incubation and innovation centres (WIIC). The WIICs will enable WAFA-certified sustainability pioneers and researchers to engage with students who aspire to become social entrepreneurs to create a sustainable world. The WIIC will also enable socially responsible corporations to contribute their financial and human resources in scaling and replicating promising projects.

WIIC Goals

  • Develop problem-solving skills in water, air, and food security
  • Support groundbreaking technologies and solutions through WAFA forums
  • Develop self-sufficient revenue models
  • Promote strategic CSR partnerships with: impact investors, angel networks, venture philanthropists, foundations, corporations, and incubators worldwide
  • Implement innovative design processes and methodology to accelerate replication and scaling of proven solutions

Value Proposition for Universities and Impact Investors

Universities may present the WIIC opportunity to corporate partners supporting water, air, and food sustainability. Benefits include:

  1. Access to proven, groundbreaking solutions requiring only research and support to scale beyond local communities
  2. “Out of the box” inspiration and guidance from “silent heroes” – who beat the odds
  3. On the ground partnerships in the most dynamic, if challenging, regions of the world