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‘People usually think of us kids as the future generation, but let’s be the NOW generation, and be a key part of solving local and global problems ourselves’.
WAF Youth Founder and Ambassador, Ayrton Cable

WAFA Youth Awards

WAFA Youth’s vision is to involve a whole generation of young people in changing the world, and especially to ensure everyone has enough safe water to drink, enough food to keep them healthy, and clean air to breathe.

It makes no sense that there is more than enough food for everyone on the planet, and yet one in eight people go to bed hungry every day – many of them children! A similar number – mostly the same people who go hungry – lack access to safe water and fall sick with preventable diseases like cholera and typhoid.

WAFA Youth was founded by then 11 year old award winning Ayrton Cable, a leading young social activist. Since speaking in the UK Parliament at the age of nine, Ayrton has campaigned on issues mostly relating to how we can feed the world, no one left out.

How to participate

Young people can make a difference!

WAFA Youth has two age categories:

  1. 18-30 years
  2. Under 18

The 18-30 WAFA Youth Award is accessed by applying for the standard WAFA Award. Entries whose founders and/or senior officers are aged 18-30 are automatically eligible. This category focuses on on engineering innovation. It particularly looks for female engineering talent directed at solving the problems of water and food security.

The Under 18 Award is school-based. In conjunction with our partner, Global Action Plan, we award the best schools enrolled in the Water Explorer programme. The schools are evaluated on:

  • Completing water-based challenges on key water issues
  • Collaborating with other students across the world
  • Holding community water festivals and competitions
  • Developing a range of transferable knowledge and skills

TEACHERS please visit the Water Explorer site, learn more, and sign up your class!

Award criteria

I–C.A.R.E. values are at the heart of this programme so that young people understand that they need to ‘be the change’, if they are to make a deep and lasting difference.

I–C.A.R.E. stands for:






These values help every child feel a strong sense of self-worth, which in turn creates the foundation to become wise and compassionate citizens and leaders.


And its program:

WAFA Youth Award works in collaboration with: