‘People usually think of us kids as the future generation, but let’s be the NOW generation, and be a key part of solving local and global problems ourselves’.

Ayrton Cable

WAF Youth Founder and Ambassador

WAF Youth Award

At WAF -Youth, we hope to get a whole generation of pupils involved in changing the world, and especially in making sure everyone has enough safe water to drink, and enough food to keep themselves healthy.

We think it makes no sense that there is more than enough food for everyone on the planet, and yet 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every day, many of them children! A similar number, most of the same people who go hungry, don’t have access to safe water, eventually getting sick with preventable diseases like cholera and typhoid.

Eleven year old multi-award winning Ayrton Cable is a leading young social activist. Since he spoke in the UK Parliament at the age of 9, launching a national campaign with four major NGOs for more ethical food, Ayrton has campaigned on issues mostly relating to how we can feed the world, no one left out.

The Humanitarian Water Air Food Youth Award, which he founded at the WAF event in London 2014, aims to encourage a whole generation of young people to be part of the solution to feeding everyone and giving everyone safe water.

WAF Youth 2015 was awarded at WAF Award Celebration 2015 with the presence of the best school’s young representatives. To learn more about the participant schools click here.


How to participate

The exciting thing is that kids can do a lot to collaborate! Some of the previous WAF Award finalists, such as SEANET ‘e-gardens’ schools in Kenya, are driven by kids.

Therefore, we want to create a platform for the Schools that want to get involved in WAF Youth, which is easy to apply in the classroom. For this, we teamed up with Global Action Plan, and together we are starting with water, because water is the key to life; without water, there is no food and no life!

WAF Youth will be awarded to the best Schools enrolled at the Water Explorer programme. The schools will be evaluated by WAF Youth and Global Action Plan representatives on its 2015 performance related to the following activities:

  • Complete water-based challenges on key water issues
  • Collaborate with other students across the world
  • Hold community water festivals and win points and prizes
  • Develop a range of transferable knowledge and skills

WAF Youth 2016 will be awarded at the WAF Award Celebration.

TEACHERS please go on to the Water Explorer site, learn more and sign your class up for action!

Award criteria



We focus on the values of I – C.A.R.E. at the heart of the programme, so that young people will understand that they really need to ‘be the change’, if they are to make a deep and lasting difference.

I – C.A.R.E. stands for






The I – C.A.R.E. values help every child to feel a strong sense of self-worth, which in turn creates the foundation for them to be truly wise and compassionate citizens and leaders.


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