Zhaizhong Elementary School

Tina Lindgreen’s exploratory trip to China brought her to Zhaizhong Elementary School.  In this picture, she is engaged in a meeting and dinner with the teachers of  Zhaizhong Elementary School, courtesy of Vice-Deputy Ms. Wei of Zherong County, Ningde City, Fujian (Ningde, also known as Mindong, is a prefecture-level city located along the northeastern coast of Fujian province, People’s Republic of China.)

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Tina films school children getting in line for their organic and healthy lunches, which they have grown in their school gardens. Zhaizhong Elementary School participates in the collective local-county effort aimed at organic food production.


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Confucius Statue at Zhaizhong Elementary School

Confucius Statue at 5. Zhaizhong Elementary School

Zhaizhong Elementary School is based on the values of Confucius, such as filial piety, respect for the elderly and giving thanks.



This article was written by Camilla Warmedinger, WAFA Journalist