Awards 2016

WAFA to visit winners and present them with their award, in documentary filmed events

Following the postponement of the Awards Ceremony, WAFA will visit the 2016 winners at their locations in Denmark and India, to present them with the Award and a monetary prize. The visits will be filmed as part of an up-coming documentary about breakthrough sustainable water, air, and food solutions.

Marketed globally, the documentary will raise public awareness of sustainability challenges, proven solutions, and every person’s role in bringing about change.

Tellspec award presentation in Aarhus, Denmark
The first to be awarded the distinction is Tellspec,  who is participating in Scale Up Food Elite Training Center and has moved its headquarters to to Aarhus, Denmark. The award will be presented in an event hosted by Agro Food Park in Aarhus, on January 26. The ceremony features sustainability speakers, and a buffet and live food testing using the Tellspec scanner. The event is open to the public following online registration.

The KJB Foundation and Nishant Bioenergy – award presentations in India
WAFA staff and filming crew will first visit Nishant Bioenergy on February 5, in Chandigarh. Next, Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation (KJBF) will be awarded their prize on February 8, in Nagpur. More details about the visits as they emerge!

You chose the 2016 WAF Awards winners!

175 applicants from five continents have submitted their projects after the open call  launched on this year’s Earth Day. Of these applications 70 have met application criteria. The WAFA Selection Committee, composed of recognized development experts, has now created a shortlist of nine applicants.

For the first time this year, the global online public was invited to vote and select the winners. The three projects with the most votes have become the WAFA 2016 winners. Check them out! Share their stories to honor their achievements and celebrate the hope they bring us!

WAF Awards

Since 2008, WAFA has been honouring these “exceptional pioneers” from all around the world and telling their stories. The annual Awards event celebrates sustainable initiatives and raises awareness about water, air and food challenges, and the solutions to them.

This 2016 Awards are dedicated to our winners and their groundbreaking initiatives: The KJB Foundation, Tellspec, and Nishant Bioenergy. It also gives them global exposure and connection with strategic partners around the world.