Crucian fish farm. Yunnan province, natural lake, organic fish

Photo Journal of Tina Lindgreen’s Visit to Yunnan Province Farms – Crop Substitution Project

In an effort to show there are more advantageous ways to promote a healthy ecology and economy, Professor Virginia C. Li (Li Zhen) set up three test sites with 458 volunteer farmers in Yunnan Provence, Yuxi, China, to grow crops other than tobacco.

From Tobacco to Spring Onion

This field used to be tobacco and now it is substituted with spring onions. Hongtang County, Yuxi city, Yunnan Province.

Blue flags and incent burner is low tech bug killer (non-chemical). Tonghai County Yunnan Province China

Blue flags and incense burners for low-tech, non-chemical, bug killers.

Tonghai County, Yunnan Province, China

Tobacco Substitution Project managers with President of WAFA Yunnan Province, China (Tina w the team)

President of WAFA, Tina Lindgreen, with tobacco substitution project managers – Yunnan Province, China

Tobacco Substitution Project 3   Tobacco Substitution Project 1

Harvesting organic celery Yunnan Province, with Tina

Tina Lindgreen watching the celery harvest.

Tobacco Substitution Project 2

To Market

Enjoying the locally grown organic vegetables of WAFA award 2016 nominee, Tobacco Substitution Project, in local family restaurant in Tonghai, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province (2)

Enjoying the locally-grown organic vegetables in the local family restaurant in Tonghai Yuxi City, Yunnan Province.

Tobacco substitution 2016 WAF Award nominee

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