-The Making of a Global Movement

Team WAFA increasingly orchestrates the network of stakeholders, who work together to create our global awards platform.
We are a handful of professionals who have volunteered to make Water Air Food Awards a global sustainability movement. We invite everyone to join us in recognizing those people, who empower the poor and forgotten in their communities. They are the silent heroes, the silent warriors.
Many of us have access to clean water, clean air and nutritious food. Many of us don’t. Our team is convinced a dignified life starts with fulfilling these basic needs for all of us.
As you may have gathered by now, we are purpose-driven and share our passion with everyone who wishes to be part of making this world a better place – a beautiful place.

Dr Madhu P. Pillai

A project management specialist Dr. Madhu P. Pillai has over 36 years of broad-based  experience in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power  and Infrastructure sectors in India, Nigeria, USA, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, in leading and advising mega projects. An engineer by profession, Dr. Pillai holds Post-Graduate qualifications in Management and a Doctorate in Strategic Project Management. He is a Fellow of many leading international organizations like; AACE International, Institution of Engineers, International Cost Engineering Council etc. Dr. Pillai has spoken at more than 35 international events; and chaired several. He has been closely associated with leading non-profit organizations for close to two decades at a global Leadership level and serves currently as WAFA’s Executive Director (Awards). Dr Pillai is passionate about developing WAFA as a purpose-driven organization focused on promoting sustainable solutions.

Kirsten Østergaard

Kirsten has been volunteering as WAFA’s  General Manager from January 2021 to July 2021. She has over 30 years experience in marketing, business development, customer service, leadership and management. She has worked primarily in Danish Railways S-train and the Danish State Lottery Klasselotteriet as leader of product development, marketing manager and director of marketing. She also worked as communication consultant in Mannov and as administrative leader in JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Kirsten is an “early riser”. She loves to shine light on silent heroes as she did on the new millionaires in Klasselotteriet. Kirsten has always worked with volunteers in Denmark’s green girl scouts, the Liberal Party Venstre, the Hvidovre swim club, and as board member Strandmarkskirken.
Phone: +45 30 61 44 21

Maya Goldman

Maya is a marketing and international finance undergraduate with a specialty in digital marketing, including account managing, sales (on and offline), content writing and branding.
With over five years of experience in marketing, sales, communications, and general management
of an online business, she is currently Brand Manager for Mama’s Choice, an exotic plant
export company, and a plant e-commerce platform. She is passionate about WAFA’s mission
and feels blessed to be a part of the team.


Jakob Mayland Jensen

Marketing Consultant. Passion for CX, Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Data Analysis. Responsibility for the overall marketing and branding strategies impacting clients’ growth and market position. To join WAFA is a huge opportunity for me to combine my professional passion in marketing with making a difference by contributing to a global audience for a great purpose.

Lena Andrushchenko

Originally from Ukraine, I have been living and working in Denmark
for the past 11 years. I have a Master’s degree in Education and a BA in Innovation Entrepreneurship. A genuine passion of mine is promoting the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs and startups to help change society for the better. And the mission of WAFA resonates deeply with me. I am eager to contribute my skills and experience to help the WAFA build a global mainstream awards platform that enables sustainable entrepreneurs to scale and replicate their solutions worldwide, to benefit humanity.

Henriette Peter

Originally from Berlin, Germany, I now live and study in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I am pursuing a Masters degree in Global Studies and International Development
focusing on sustainable solutions, renewable energies and development.
Water fascinates me! I love to swim in it, surf on it and drink it.
But not everyone has this privilege. I hope that with my team’s contribution,
we can get one step closer to sustainable development solutions worldwide!


Maria D’Andrea

Originally from Caserta, Italia, I live and study in Denmark.
I am jurist and to the same time I am webmaster and graphic designer. I have a lot of passions, but all activities about sustainable solutions, renewable energies, biological productions and recycle of materials are always fascinated me.
I always hope I can help make the world better, even with a little help, because the future is the place we will living.
To join WAFA is a big opportunity for me to apply my knowledge like webmaster and graphic designer by contributing to a very good cause.

Maria-Cecilia Sjaelland


As a Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant, Maria-Cecilia has over a decade’s experience in CSR analysis. She helps companies develop sustainability goals and CSR strategies as an integral part of their organizational culture. WAFA’s mission galvanizes her to shed the Silent Heroes’ beacons of innovation and sustainability and hope worldwide.

Xuanrong Zhang

I am a Chinese national working in Denmark as a production engineer. I have an educational background in food safety & quality, dairy science & technology.  Currently, I am working in the area of pharmaceutical/food processing control and optimisation, factory CIP. Joining WAFA gives me the chance to play a part in promoting sustainable projects around the world. It is very inspiring  to be a “force for good” so I feel inspired in participating in voluntary work.

Thomas Corradini

Originally from Italy, I currently live in Copenhagen. I recently graduated with a Master in    Brand and Communications Management at CBS. I became a part of the WAFA marketing team during my studies and am currently responsible for the Google Ads. I am very excited to be a part of WAFA as it gives me the opportunity to gain experience in my field of interest and put my efforts to a good cause! My journey at WAFA is as much about learning new things as   it is about contributing to the organization’s mission!


Weiyu Chen

Originally from China, I have been studying and working in Denmark for almost three years. I just finished my Master’s in Dairy Science and Technology, and am focusing on dairy production, food microbiology, food quality, and safety control. All food companies need to make a continuous effort to achieve sustainability. WAFA’s mission resonates with my passions. I feel proud to use my knowledge and skills to uplift unknown heroes. Covid lockdowns have also impelled me to reach out to more people.

Nurudeen Onomhoale Ahmed

I am an experienced Nigerian Geoscience professional in the environmental,
upstream petroleum and mining (exploration) industry. Professional qualifications include: BSc (Hons) Geology; MSc Petroleum Geosciences; Diplomas in Project Management; Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I am also a Registered Environmental Professional (REP): National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP), USA; Member of Environmental Careers Organization Canada (ECO Canada) Research Community and an African ChangeMakers Fellow. I founded Petrous Eco Geosolutions, an environmental servicing and consulting firm specialized in geoenvironmental projects for soil and groundwater sustainability. Currently I am
a PhD candidate in Natural Resources and Environmental Management,
as well as a UN Volunteer. Joining WAFA has been fulfilling. I am passionate about WAFA’s mission to promote sustainable solutions for environmental and socio-economic development. I hope to make impactful contributions to achieving this goal.