Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day

On this historic anniversary, WAFA recognizes the sustainability entrepreneurs who bring positive solutions to the challenge of climate change. There’s so much we can each do to help restore our planet!

Young people are leading the way! Let’s join them!

Support WAFA’s Youth Climate Award. Find out more at

Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day 2020

Support WAFA Youth Climate Awards on Global Giving

WAFA is excited to inform you that the Youth Climate Award (YCA) has the opportunity to participate in Global Giving’s Climate Action Campaign 2020!! If YCA wins, we can showcase our Youth Climate Award winners globally for one year and raise up to $10,000 for their projects.

Your support, from $10 to $1000, during April 20-24 will be matched 50% by Global Giving and can help Youth Climate Award reach the voting finals: 30 April 30 to May 1.

This is an amazing opportunity!!

Please join us and share this with your friends and family. Together we can make it happen!

Help Us to Help Them to Help Us All!

About “One Lit Candle”

“Jennifer and I are honored and delighted to make “One Lit Candle” available to WAFA to coincide with the launch of WAFA Youth Climate Awards category. May it light many candles in our shared vision to help heal our home.”
“One Lit Candle” by Jennifer Edwards and Stuart Hoffman

WAFA has Launched Another Global Award


The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released in 2018, calls for a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is the minimum needed to prevent global temperatures rising above 1.5 °C over
pre-industrial levels. This is also the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

In response, WAFA is strengthening its engagements in the global communities to support climate change initiatives. The 2020 WAFA Youth Climate Award will focus on youth under 25 from the global South who are working for sustainable development while keeping fossil fuels in the ground. The Award will target projects that can be shared across the planet for replication. WAFA will also publicize the awarded projects for potential investments for required scale up in specific geographic locations globally.

WAFA is working on proposing to COP26 Team to honor the winners at a WAFA Youth Climate Award Event as part of the Glasgow COP26 in late 2020. The event will be live streamed to a global audience.

WAFA Youth Climate Award Key Dates:

26 Feb – Launch WAFA Youth Climate Award 2020
15 Mar – Open Date to receive Award Nominations
10 May – Close Date to receive Award Applications
11 May – Start Date to shortlist Applications, by WAFA Team
14 Jun – End Date to shortlist Applications

15 Jun – Start Date to select Finalists, by Selection Committee
12 Jul – End Date to select Finalists
15 Jul – Open Date for public voting on Finalist Projects
30 Aug – Close Date for public voting
07 Sep – Announce Winners

15 Nov – WAFA Youth Climate Award Ceremony

WAFA Awards are known for unbiased selection process through:

  • Governance
  • Award Vision & Framework
  • Supporting Processes
  • Award Categories & Evaluation Criteria
  • Prize Money Allocation & Distribution
  • Partnerships
  • Timelines for the Award Program(s)
  • Marketing and Communication

Dr Madhu P. Pillai,    Executive Chair of WAFA Youth Climate Award

Dr Madhu P. Pillai is a Project Management Specialist and International Speaker with broad-based industry experience in a geographical spread of India, Nigeria, USA and Middle East countries. He has been associated as Projects Director with leading Multi-National organizations.
Dr Pillai is a Fellow of many reputed international organizations and has been associated with leading non-profit professional organizations at their global leadership level.


Award Winners 2010 – 2018

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